Venture business certification is a certification system given by the government to companies. The common standards they measure are such as evaluating items such as technology, growth potential, and financial stability in accordance with the Act on Special Measures for Venture Business Development.

hiblocks is a company that develops and services a blockchain-based platform. In the first quarter of last year, hiblocks managed to show its competence by acquiring patents like ‘Social Media Network Mapping Device’ and ‘Social Network Message Distribution, in addition of ‘ISO9001’ certification for quality assurance.

A representative of hiblocks explained, “Existing platforms that operate ‘AppTech’ are…

hiblocks, a blockchain technology development and service company, has signed a business agreement (MOU) with Home & Shopping for online product marketing and blockchain technology collaboration.

hiblocks is developing and servicing the new concept social media platform ‘HABL’ powered by blockchain. HABL has garnered popular interest by providing services that select and provide a wide range of contents distributed on the Internet such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Naver blog in a curation method, and revenue-sharing that distributes profits from activities to all users.

Through this partnership, Home & Shopping provides a share button that allows you to easily share products…

hiblocks social media curation platform ‘HABL’ announced that they have acquired two technology patents for a new service to be implemented in the app.

The patent acquired this time by hiblocks is “a social media network map device,” a social network message distribution.

In particular, the challenge ‘RUN’, which has been prepared for service in the second half of this year, is a representative function applied with the patented technology acquired earlier.

HABL Challenge ‘RUN’ is a service that allows users to participate in the challenge events offline and receive rewards at locations displayed on the map in the HABL…

hiblocks, which operates the next-generation social media curation platform “HABL,” announced that they have obtained ISO9001 certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO9001 is a quality assurance certification given to products and services provided for consumers that satisfies specified requirements and can be maintained continuously.

The certification obtained this time can be said to be the result of hiblocks consistently providing and managing high-quality services through HABL.

hiblocks is expected to be of great help in strengthening the company’s reliability and competitiveness in future by holding the ISO9001 certification.

A representative from hiblocks said, “Through this certification, we…

The social media curation platform “HABL” will now cover the contents from Naver, the largest portal site in Korea. HABL has recently expanded its service by adding curation options to Naver Blog and Post, Naver Shopping, and Coupang through a recent official update.

HABL is a new concept social media platform that revaluate social media standard by selecting high-quality content from overflowing contents on the internet, which is also known as “curation.”

Naver is the nation’s largest portal site, and according to data released by Biz Spring, an internet web log analysis company in September last year, it is showing…

HABL has introduced the “space” function, where users can share and enjoy the curated space with many people.

HABL is a social media platform that familiarized the concept of curation, allowing users to gather and view various contents of other social media platforms in one place. Users can also set it according to their own interests.

With the feature ‘space,’ HABL users can now enjoy contents together by enabling multiple users to collect and share contents based on a common interest or topic. Just like HABL’s personal space, it is possible to curate materials from other existing social media platforms…

hiblocks’ social media curation platform “HABL” announced a new solution for online and offline advertising marketing.

HABL introduced a ‘challenge’ function that can reduce costs and increase effectiveness in the online advertising market where large platforms are lined up. Challenge is a system that rewards participating users by holding an event for promotion purpose, whether it is for companies, groups, or individuals.

The New Marketing Solution: HABL Challenge

Due to the spread of COVID-19, social distancing became an inevitable routine. Time spent at home increased, and naturally, the time spent to use smartphone and social media as well. As a result, online advertising through social media…

hiblocks and Elysia have officially formed a partnership to develop blockchain technology and marketing strategy in hands.

hiblocks provides blockchain-based social media services, and Elysia operates a blockchain-based real estate micro-investment service platform.

The two companies seek to solve common problems they encounter in the blockchain industry. Through this this partnership, they also have several plans panned out in various fields that includes providing technical support.

Elysia launched ‘Elysia 2.0’ in November and is currently providing a small amount of real estate investment service to investors by securitizing real estate ownership. …

hiblocks, a blockchain-based platform development and service company, has established a dedicated R&D department in new business fields related to blockchain.

The government is currently pushing for many projects that can apply new technology related to the 4th industry division. Therefore, hiblocks is expected to participate in various projects through blockchain technology and company branding.

As mentioned by a hiblocks representative, “We plan to provide various services so the blockchain can naturally blend into the public through a dedicated R&D department. This will allow blockchain to be commercialized in many fields.”

hiblocks is a start-up company that develops various platforms…

Hiblocks is currently operating a social media curation platform called “HABL” with a special feature that enables profit-sharing with users by rewarding HIBS based on their activities in the app.

HABL users are expected to be able to prove ownership and transfer ownership of digital content such as self-issued photos and videos, and space, a personal community in the app, through the issuance of NFT cards.

Recently, the NFT market is growing rapidly. Looking at the 2020 NFT market analysis report released by, the total number of active wallets that traded NFTs such as NFT purchases, sales, and holdings…


HABL is a blockchain based social media platform that aims to decentralize and fairly distribute profit generated from creative user content

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