Global cloud management service company (MSP) Cloud4C has signed a Google cloud management service supply contract with hiblocks.

Cloud4C explained that hiblocks has successfully completed cloud migration and will provide GCP management services such as GCP security guidelines and microservice consulting in the future.

(From left to right) Peter Seo (Korea Branch Manager of CLOUD4C), Young Kim (CEO of hiblocks), Young-gyun Ahn (Partner Manager of Google Cloud Korea)

“We are delighted to work with…

On August 3rd, GMC Labs, a fintech company developing an integrated asset management platform, signs a MOU with hiblocks, a blockchain technology development and service company.

Through this agreement, the two companies plan to closely cooperate in various fields such as technology and human resources support to further solidify mutual…

hiblocks, a company specializing in blockchain technology development and service, and XREATORS, who provides copyright content services using blockchain technology, have signed a MOU to activate the platform of the two companies.

hiblocks is developing and servicing the blockchain-based social media platform ‘HABL’, which has 200,000 cumulative downloads. HABL is…

HABL has participated in KLAYswap to strengthen DeFi starting of May 14th, 2021.

DeFi is a compound word of Decentralize + Finance, which is a decentralized financial system. Because it is not centralized, you can use various financial services without the role of a third-party.

KLAYswap is the AMM (Automated…

Blockchain specialized company, hiblocks and renewable energy company IONIA Energy signed a business agreement (MOU) for the development and marketing of a blockchain-based power brokerage service.

Through this agreement, the two companies agreed on business collaboration and sharing infrastructure analysis related to the energy resources, marketing, and data security partnership…


HABL is a blockchain based social media platform that aims to decentralize and fairly distribute profit generated from creative user content

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