HABL to Launch NFT Marketplace Soon

What makes HABL NFT Marketplace so special?

The One Stop Solution

No, we are not talking about Amazon. But in a way, HABL is like the blockchain counterpart to Amazon. Because we are talking about the “one stop solution” platform right here.

Easy to use

HABL NFT marketplace provides very accessible and straightforward UI so that even the most tech-illiterates can navigate around the app with ease. This also apply to the users who may not be familiar with how the NFT marketplace generally works.

Imagine an art exhibition, only in your room

We are currently living in a world where technology make everything that seemed impossible before, come alive. With the VR feature of HABL, you can now view art exhibition virtually.

Move assets effortlessly

You can connect third-party wallet like Kaikas and Metamask with HABL to move assets easily. Plus, HABL Marketplace is built on Klaytn blockchain technology. HABL users can access any other marketplace that supports Klaytn blockchain, including OpenSea. In other words, you can easily import or export the NFT you issued at HABL, or vice versa.

Low transaction fee

HABL marketplace charges a fee as low as 2%, with 0.5% of it set aside to burn HIBS to improve the ecosystem, while increasing the security of the payment at the same time. The remaining 1.5% is set for operating costs to support the growth of the market.



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HABL is a blockchain based social media platform that aims to decentralize and fairly distribute profit generated from creative user content