hiblocks and XREATORS Officially Partner Up

2 min readJul 14, 2021

hiblocks, a company specializing in blockchain technology development and service, and XREATORS, who provides copyright content services using blockchain technology, have signed a MOU to activate the platform of the two companies.

hiblocks is developing and servicing the blockchain-based social media platform ‘HABL’, which has 200,000 cumulative downloads. HABL is creating a new culture of generating income through the innovative feature ‘curation’, where users select, share, and communicate vast amounts of online content according to their preferences, and ‘app-tech’, which allows users to earn profits through their social media activities.

The XREATORS has a “social creator NFT market” service that act as a broker by connecting the content creators and the fans directly. The XREATORS recognizes NFT as part of an asset, not a target of a simple collection, providing a variety of revenue activities including sustainable revenue, division sales, and external copyright market interworking.

Particularly, the common problem in the NFT market today is counterfeit work, the issue of copyright infringement, and others. To prevent such issues that could bring inconveniences to the creator and fans, we are focusing on a feature with a copyrighted system issued by the National Authority.

Both companies plan to continue their two platforms to link to digital content sourcing alliance, development collaboration and other networking collaboration. The process of selling quality digital contents produced by the verified creator in NFT forms is expected to be easier and transparent, have high reliability, and will include content spread and distribution channels that combine creation and curations.

The CEO of hiblocks, Yoseob Lee mentioned, “The NFT Market XREATORS, expected to open around the second half this year, is a platform service for the social creators. I think its platform service for the verified creator could exercise a good influence on the market through the process of creating and selling quality content.”

Park Jina, the CEO of XREATORS said, “By combining the technology of both companies and the competitiveness of digital contents, you will be able to get a great synergy. I know we can accomplish many more especially because HABL has its own service in the BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) market, and I look forward to it.”

Website: https://www.hiblocks.io/en
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hiblocks/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hiblocks
Telegram: https://t.me/hiblocks_kor




HABL is a blockchain based social media platform that aims to decentralize and fairly distribute profit generated from creative user content