hiblocks Monthly: July Edition

  • New discord server
  • First AMA session
  • HABL Logo Renewal
  • CAMS Certification
  • NFT Marketplace

We established an official discord server.

As the previous monthly report updated, we have established a new discord server to communicate better with our growing community.

We held our first AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

The HIBS Team had the first Ask Me Anything session on July 19th. We want to update the community with our latest news and make sure to answer the questions they might have about our project.

HABL has a new logo.

Our social media app, HABL, went through a makeover!

Our Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist team continues to expand.

To ensure robust AML control, the HIBS Team now has four certified specialists and will continue to increase the number. We aim to be prepared for the ever-changing regulation to deliver a safe and reliable service to our community.

We are preparing for our very own NFT marketplace

The HIBS Team has been preparing for the NFT marketplace, which will be available on HABL.



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HABL is a blockchain based social media platform that aims to decentralize and fairly distribute profit generated from creative user content