hiblocks x Gate.io NFT: A.M.A (Ask Me Anything) Session

6 min readOct 31, 2022

To kickstart HABL Stone NFT launch, we participated in an AMA session hosted by Gate.io on 28 October.

Meanwhile, the launchpad for HABL Stone NFT at Gate.io NFT marketplace will be live starting 31 October, 13:00 UTC.

The AMA was separated into two rounds. Here below is the transcript of the AMA session:

Round 1

Q1. What is HABL Stone?

HABL Stone is the first NFT project presented by hiblocks.

Through HABL Stone, you can experience a variety of hiblocks’ services like AR, VR, NFT market, NFT Gallery, and many others.

Q2. Tell us more about HABL Stone’s foundation that backs it up.

Hiblocks is a blockchain IT service and developer company. The company was founded in 2019 and has since worked on blockchain and non-blockchain services.

We realize that the world is ever-changing, with many new technologies introduced daily. We aspire to connect people and create a better future by increasing value through blockchain technology and making a mark in the Web3 industry. That is why we are passionate about creating technology and providing service that can be used by literally anyone!

We have numerous exciting services, but there will be another time to elaborate on those. Our main project is a social media application called HABL and an M2E service.

HABL is a blockchain-based social media that rewards users for their activities such as uploading posts, giving likes, sharing content, and others. They will, in return, get rewarded in HIBS Token, the native token in our ecosystem.

Q3. Tell us more about the team behind HABL Stone. What is the experience?

We are a highly-accomplished team of developers, designers, marketing, and tokenomics officers with years of experience. Our teams are based in South Korea and Indonesia, and we are actively growing our global community.

Q4. Can you tell us more about HIBS Token?

HIBS Token is the native token to our ecosystem. You can see it as the master key to every service availabe in our ecosystem.

We want to create a platform where the community can enjoy an honest and transparent service, and we are dedicated to making something unique through blockchain.

By using HIBS as the main digital asset in our ecosystem, the user experience is elevated.

You can now find HIBS on Coinone, Bithumb, Indodax, KlaySwap, Neopin, and MEXC Global, with a plan to list it on other exchange platforms, which we will announce soon.

Q5. How is the HABL Stone used?

The HABL Stone NFT is used in hiblocks’ AppTech ecosystem.

As mentioned before, one of our primary services includes the social media app called HABL. We know that users get rewarded in HIBS, which is stored in our native HABL wallet. We also mentioned that the hiblocks ecosystem is connected. Therefore, HABL Stone NFT holders are also entitled to receive the benefits and services from HABL wallet.

Additionally, HABL Stone NFT holders can utilize their NFTs to get extra points on HABL.

Secondly, our M2E feature, Challenge Run.

Our foundation, hiblocks, developed Challenge Run, a special M2E that allows you to mine NFT airdrops, HIBS Tokens, coupons, and many others by creating a location-based event at a specific time.

That sounds like a mouthful, but honestly, the concept is simple.

M2E projects today generally do not have a significant economic effect. Yes, it is a very bold comment but picture this; what benefit does it bring when I walk around my neighborhood?

Issuing tokens is easy. Giving tokens away is not hard, either. But maintaining the value itself is a whole different story.

So what sets our M2E Challenge Run apart is our tokenomics structure. The tokenomics is designed in a way, so it brings economic effect by gathering people to a specific area and time of choice. We also use AR technology combined with the gamefi system to run it.

For example, as a new coffee shop owner, I am confident in my coffee and pastries and want to promote my brand. So I use the Challenge Run, purchase some HIBS, and set up an event to gather people to my coffee shop and mine the HIBS. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation for the business owners and users in the neighborhood.

The HABL Stone NFT can also be used as an admission ticket for Challenge Run.

Q6. I noticed that HABL Stone NFT and HIBS Token are on different chains. How are they connected?

HABL Stone NFT is built on Ethereum, while HIBS is on the Klaytn. Because the hiblocks ecosystem is based on gamefi tokenomics, it is easier to explain with an example. You can think of HABL Stone NFT as an item or an avatar in a game. So taking Stepn as an example, it also adapts the M2E, and they have found no significant problems in supporting multi-chains. Therefore, HABL Stone NFT also discusses the possibilities of supporting multi-chains. We are currently reviewing APTOS as one of the options.

Q7. Any words to the future holders?

HABL Stone is hiblocks’ first NFT project, but we are beyond excited to show you guys what we have planned for you all. One thing is for sure, know that this is just beginning. We did not create this NFT to jump on the hype. HABL Stone is our first stepping stone in expanding our ecosystem. You can look forward to what we have to offer.

Round 2

Q1. You mentioned AR and VR services. Please elaborate on the development progress. Additionally, do you have any plans to transfer it to another chain?

We have already conducted beta tests for both our AR and VR services. While running the tests, we uploaded several videos on our YouTube and other socials. You can follow our socials to stay updated with the progress.

We always try to stay ahead and prepared, and we are currently reviewing other chains, one of them being Aptos.

Q2. Is your project regularly audited for security? What is its defense against possible danger?

Yes. We have passed several audits that include Certik Smart Contract Audit, and you can also refer to that on our TokenInsight page.

We have also been following the regulations, while proactively engaging in evaluating TokenInsight and Xangle to ensure our project’s qualification.

Q3. Are you planning to promote your project in countries/regions where English is not the main language? Do you have a local community for them to understand your project better?

As mentioned above, HABL Stone is part of the hiblocks ecosystem, and one of our primary services is the social media platform HABL. You can download the application from both Google Play Store and App Store, and we currently have users globally, with many from Korean and Southeast Asian countries. We also have been preparing to expand our service to reach a wider community.

Q4. What inspired you to create this project? Because I have never seen a project that grows fast like HABL Stone. What was the spark behind it?

Today, we have around 400,000 users in our community, and we are still growing strong.

We recognize that for a good NFT project to flourish, we must also build a strong community. Many of you would agree that a strong community is one of the key points to a successful NFT project.

Our passion is to create services available for anyone, and we strive to work and give back to our community. Therefore, it was only appropriate to strengthen our community and ecosystem by launching HABL Stone. QQ


Q5. Can you share the recent major achievements of your project? What is the future roadmap and target?

We have participated in the Busan International Film Festival as one of the main sponsors. Fun fact, one of our partners is Barunson, the production company for the award-winning movie “Parasite.”

In terms of service, we have concluded the 3rd closed beta test of our M2E service, Challenge Run. You can check our socials to get more information and stay updated with our latest news.

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👉HABL Stone NFT Homepage: http://www.hablstone.com




HABL is a blockchain based social media platform that aims to decentralize and fairly distribute profit generated from creative user content