Introducing HIBS Ecosystem with MEXC Global

HIBS global

As of August 17th, HIBS is officially listed on MEXC Global, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges.

About MEXC Global

MEXC is a global exchange founded in 2018. As one of the pioneers of financial and blockchain technology, MEXC Global now caters to over six million users in more than 70 countries worldwide and continues to expand its services for more. The HIBS Team firmly stands by the principle of connecting people and creating a better future by increasing value through blockchain technology. Therefore, we are excited to achieve more milestones and reach a broader audience with MEXC Global, and we are just getting started.

HIBS Ecosystem Brings a Diversity of Services Together.

HIBS is the bridge that connects our services. Over the recent years, we have developed several products other than HABL to maximize the utility of HIBS Token, one of which is to enable HIBS as a payment method for each platform. The smart contract will burn a percentage of the payment fee, deflating the HIBS Token’s total quantity. The HIBS Token is built on Klaytn, but the HIBS Team aims to support multichain development for the scalabity to our services . Our tech team is skilled in developing multiple chains including Cosmos, Ethereum, EOS, Polygon, and Solana

  1. HABL: a social media collecting platform that rewards its users for their activities such as uploading posts, giving likes and votes, staking HIBS, and others. Users are rewarded in HIBS, a native token in the hiblocks ecosystem.
  2. HABL NFT Marketplace: an in-app NFT marketplace on HABL. Users will be able to do transactions like buying, selling, storing, and promoting their NFT on the app. Further, our in-app wallet enhances the user experience because users will no longer have to leave the app for everything related to NFT. We also are working to install the VR system in the NFT marketplace.
  3. HABL e-commerce: in-app e-commerce that allows users to purchase products exclusively available on HABL using HIBS.
  4. HABL Land: a virtual space where Roblox and HABL ecosystem is linked. Users can connect their account details like HIBS Token balance, list of the NFT they own, and many more. We aim to expand the ecosystem by providing virtual land to the community.
  5. HIBS Explorer: a system where users can see the token transfer details and the off-chain data generated from the HIBS Token ecosystem apps mentioned in this list. On HIBS Explorer, DApps users can access all transaction details transparently.
  6. Challenge Run: an AR-baed Move to Earn (M2E) project. Business owners and advertisers can utilize this feature to promote their brands by spreading HIBS in a specific area of their choice. At the same time, users can get free HIBS by interacting with the AR directly.
  7. Produckfi (PFS): a budget management solution to perform budget statements, expenditure statements, and schedules for media production companies. It could be for movies, dramas, or even YouTube content production. We plan to enable HIBS as a payment method while implementing blockchain technology on the platform.
  8. Blink: an Eye Blink Play to Earn (P2E) game based on artificial intelligence (AI). Players can engage in a duel through random matching by staking HIBS Token in every match, and the winner will receive the token.

Worldwide HIBS

Thus, we are confident that our services can make a difference and elevate people’s lives in a way beyond their imagination. Most of the products are already in the final phase of the closed beta test and will be available to the public soon. Additionally, we are in the process of listing HIBS at several major CEX and DEX platforms to cater to the global market.



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HABL is a blockchain based social media platform that aims to decentralize and fairly distribute profit generated from creative user content