HIBS Token Release Plan (2021.10.01–2022.12.31)

1 min readJun 15, 2022


This is the official adjusted HIBS token release plan in reference to the earlier version published on Xangle.
After a careful evaluation we have found several numbers misplaced in the original announcement, to which we have revised as shown below:

1. Total amount of token release:
2,038,932,021 (23.38% of current circulating supply)

2. Project total supply:

3. Circulating supply (before token release):

Token supply (after token release):

4. Purpose of token release:
- Token Sale
- Company Reserve — to support business volume
- Platform Reward — to support token ecosystem and user reward
- Marketing: to support marketing
- Partner: to support partners
- Development — to support development
- Team

Please refer to here for more details on the token release.

Token release plan stated above is not necessarily same with the initial token metrics.

Sale, Team, Reserve, Marketing, Partner pool was already unlocked but HIBS team do not distribute it simultaneously to prevent over-supply on the market.
The unlocked amount is intact and secure in the wallet.


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