When Social Media Meets Crypto Wallet

2 min readDec 14, 2020

In the digital era nowadays, we cannot deny that the impact of social media has increased significantly. It has evolved to the point where e-commerce is infused into many social media platforms. Instagram is one of the platforms that has jumped on board with the trend. Just not long ago, Instagram has launched a ‘shop’ feature where users can browse through items from selected brands and make orders. However, there is still a downside to it because despite of all the shopping features social media does not have the function of a bank.

Now, what if cryptocurrency wallet is incorporated into social media? The possibilities are endless! For example, sellers would be able to promote goods or service using crypto, while using their handles as marketplace. Therefore, they would not need to go back and forth.

With crypto wallet being on social media platforms, consumers could purchase items easily and directly from their social media as well. One can simply transfer money in ease just like what Kakao Talk does.

This way, users would not have to worry about the rigorous steps they have to undergo when purchasing items from abroad because cryptocurrency is accepted globally. From marketing, selling, purchasing, transferring and managing asset, all can be done in one social media platform. Therefore making it as an one-stop solution.

Kakao Talk is the no.1 most-used messenger in Korea. They have launched their own crypto wallet called ‘Klip’ and it would be integrated into Kakao Talk, enabling users to access it easily. Together, hiblocks aim to create more achievements in the both blockchain and social media industry.

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